ЗУСТРІЧ – Space for refugee cultural workers

"The terrible war in Ukraine is destroying homes and causing great hardship for people. Refugees are also seeking protection here with us. Leipzig and Kiev are twin cities. Not least because of this, there are many cultural connections between the two places, between the two countries.
Although fear and despair currently guide our thoughts, cultural ties remain as signs of life. They can carry hope. The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig is a free place of encounter - with other people and in exchange with art. We are therefore opening a space aimed at cultural workers who have fled: ЗУСТРІЧ.
We invite all people active in cultural life who have had to flee war - in whatever part of the world - to make this space their space. The focus here is on togetherness, and children are also welcome.
The open space for refugee cultural workers is located in the immediate vicinity of our café. It enables networking and exchange between institutions and actors and is a platform for information. In the future, participants can also generate workshops, collaborative actions and projects here. ЗУСТРІЧ is a space for shared ideas."

- Stefan Weppelmann, Director of the MdbK

ЗУСТРІЧ – Raum für geflüchtete Kulturarbeiter*innen

The ЗУСТРІЧ initiative of the MdbK cooperates with LISTOK (Leipzig Initiative for Solidarity and Open Culture) and Бükü (Office for Cultural Translations).
ЗУСТРІЧ / Treff - Raum für geflüchtete Kulturarbeiter*innen is open every week from Tuesday to Sunday always from 1-5 pm.
You can reach ЗУСТРІЧ / Treff via the entrances Reichsstraße and Böttchergässchen of the Museum der bildenden Künste.
Admission to the museum is free of charge for people who have fled Ukraine until 31/05/2022..

Recurring Appointments

Get-together for networking and exchange. Cultural workers from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus are welcome to share their needs and impressions with cultural institutions and workers from Leipzig.
Please, feel free to join our meeting in ЗУСТРІЧ on Wednesdays from 15:00 to 17:00.
Встреча для налаживания контактов и обмена опытом для работников культуры из Украины, России, Беларуси и Лейпцига. Приглашаются все желающие поделиться своими потребностями и впечатлениями с учреждениями культуры и работниками культуры из Лейпцига.

Thursdays, 3–5 pm: PIECE + MAKER
Open Space for children and families in German with Russian translation
Открытая студия для детей и семей на немецком языке с русским переводом

Saturdays, 3–4 pm: GUIDED TOURS
Guided tour in German with Russian translation
Экскурсия на немецком языке с русским переводом

03.05./10.05., 3–4:30 pm: GERMAN COURSE FOR BEGINNER
We propose you to train your German A1-level in the relaxed atmosphere. Lessons will be led by German teacher Caleb Kurowski. It is possible to join any time.
Практикуйте немецкий язык уровня А1 в непринужденной обстановке. Занятия проводит преподаватель немецкого языка Калеб Куровски. Вы можете присоединиться в любое время. Курс является бесплатным.