The collection of the MdbK presents itself anew

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Dear visitors,

in order to give you new perspectives on the collections of the MdbK, parts of the collection presentation are currently being redesigned. You can now see the new presentation of Max Klinger's Beethoven in courtyard 1. On the 1st floor, the room group Max Klinger and Art around 1900 is open to visitors, as are the Schletter and Liebermann rooms. You can also visit the collection areas Old Masters, 17th century Dutch painting and European art from the 16th to 18th century on the 2nd floor.
The basement and the 3rd floor are currently completely closed for renovation. From 09.02. you can then visit the art of the Leipzig schools on the 3rd floor in the exhibition Bilderkosmos Leipzig. 1905-2022 exhibition. From 10 February, the Schletter Collection will also be remodelled and therefore not accessible to visitors. The Bühler-Brockhaus Collection will be newly presented on the 1st floor in March.

We ask for your understanding for these extensive renovation measures and look forward to hearing your opinion on the new presentation of the collection.